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Subscription offer!

18 Sep , 17

Thanks to our partnership with Women’s Running and Men’s Running magazine, we are pleased to offer you full year’s subscription to either title for the special price of £23.99, saving you up to 50% on the shop price. Women’s Running Written by women who run for women who run, Women’s Running delivers useful advice and …

Time To Talk About Mental Health

10 Aug , 17

We are delighted to have co-authored an article as part of Roffey Park’s ‘Time To Talk About Mental Health’ publication. Our piece, written in collaboration with Dr Mark Winwood, Colin Minto and Jacquie Findlay, focuses on stigma; its history, nature and effects, as well as our recommendations for reducing its ramifications. Our hope is that this paper …

We’re hiring!

19 Jul , 17

We are looking to hire an exceptional Account Director to join our growing team in September. All applicants should send their CV along with a covering email to: Job Ref 0717: Account Director Overview: Kamwell works with organisations to transform the health and wellbeing of their people to create purposeful, high-performance workplaces. We are a young, …

How leveraging data can improve wellbeing

23 Mar , 17

Data analytics has emerged and grown as a critical tool throughout the healthcare industry, and workplace health and benefits are no different. As workplace wellbeing programmes continue to evolve, data analytics plays a key role in both shaping programme development and engaging employees in taking steps toward better health. Data can be used to determine …

How to improve employee wellbeing for a better bottom line

02 Feb , 17

Stressed and unhealthy employees aren’t good for morale or the business, so what can you do to encourage better health and fitness?
According to research by PwC, staff absence costs employers a total of £29 billion every year, with the average worker taking off nine days as a result of ill health.

How to create a business case for employee wellbeing

29 Jan , 17

Making a business case for wellbeing initiatives is problematic. Intervening in employees’ personal lives by providing a batch of benefits is one thing, but how can you demonstrate the ROI on major wellbeing campaigns and programmes?

What Does An Award-Winning Employee Wellbeing Programme Look Like?

27 Jan , 17

Reed Business Information has shown how investing in employee wellbeing changes people’s working lives. And the 2016 CIPD Award for Best Health and Wellbeing Initiative has confirmed it’s taking a lead that other employers can learn from.

World Mental Health Day

10 Oct , 16

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is psychological first aid, and the support that we can all provide to those in distress.

Reed Business Information offers employees personalised health and wellbeing programmes

06 Oct , 16

RBI created the RBI Living Well programme to help their employees feel well and perform well.

Is there a place for personalisation in a benefits strategy?

03 Oct , 16

Personalisation refers to a precise, data-driven approach to benefit and reward strategy design that ensures that perks are relevant to individual employees who are, therefore, more likely to take up and value them.

The employee view: mental health support

11 Sep , 16

How Lloyds supports good mental health through line manager training and an inclusive culture. Training is essential to demystify mental health and ensure line managers are well-equipped to handle whatever might arise.

Is getting more sleep better for your career?

25 Aug , 16

Traditionally, in the macho corporate world how little sleep you get is often a badge of honour. Yet what if the opposite was true: that the more hours you had in bed, the better it was for your career?

What are employees doing to address obesity?

14 Jul , 16

Obesity in the workplace in the Western world is an increasing concern, both for employers and productivity. So what are organizations doing to ensure the physical well-being of their employees? Twenty-nine percent of employers identify obesity as a significant issue.

TREAT CRED: Should offices promote smarter snacking?

14 Apr , 16

Most offices, most days, look like the Cadbury’s warehouse. Sugary stuff gets wheeled out whatever the occasion. Someone’s birthday? Buy a cake. Won a contract? Buy a cake. Lost a contract? Gosh, well, we’d better just buy a bigger cake to cheer everyone up, yes?

Find out how mindfulness meditation improves your health

05 Feb , 16

Much of the health benefits associated with mindfulnes meditation training is due to the changes that this form of meditation causes in the brain, suggests new research. Mindfulness meditation training improves your brain’s ability to help you manage stress.

Stress In The Workplace: How To Tackle The Taboo Topic And Ensure A Happier, Healthier and More Profitable Business

04 Feb , 16

With one in five people in the UK taking at least one day off a year due to stress, and even more worryingly 93 percent of these lying about the reason for their absence.

88% of employees regularly experience stress

01 Feb , 16

More than two-fifths (88%) of UK respondents regularly experience stress at work, according to research by human capital management firm ADP. 43% of UK respondents say that stress is a constant factor in their roles and that they feel stressed often or very often.

Time to Talk? Five Tips for Starting the Conversation about Mental Health

20 Jan , 16

Today is Time to Talk Day – a day when many of us working or living with mental health issues make a particular effort to start conversations about mental health in a bid to raise awareness, reduce stigma and tackle misconceptions.

The global impact of biophilic design in the workplace

08 Jan , 16

The relationship between individuals and their environment can be a crucial determinant of how they feel, perform and interact with others. So, designing spaces that inspire, energize and support the people who use them is a global imperative.