You are how you sleep

15May 17

  We spend approximately 1/3 of our lives asleep. Yet, to many of us, sleep is just something that happens at the end of the day, with little thought given to its importance. As a result, we are sleeping worse than ever before with far-reaching consequences for health and wellbeing. Sleep is a time of …


What will wellbeing look like In 2020?

28Apr 17

Wellbeing is a $3.72 trillion industry, according to new research released by the Global Wellness Institute. With people living longer and our pace of life only getting faster. Keeping healthy is now a full-time job within itself. On the flip side of this, statistics predict that the number of people who will suffer from one …

How to make remote working, work!

22Apr 17

When Professor Robert Kelly’s daughter marched into his office during a high-profile video interview with the BBC, nobody could have predicted the world-wide coverage this event would be afforded (if you haven’t seen the footage, you can view it here: Heated debate has ensued around his handling of the situation and the initial reports …

Emotionally healthy families are happy families

12Apr 17

By Nick Haisman-Smith of Family Links, a charity dedicated to empowering children, parents, families, schools and workplaces to be emotionally healthy  For us here at Family Links, happiness doesn’t mean we have to be happy all the time or be forever free from difficult feelings, such a goal is impossible. Rather it means aiming to …

Depression doesn’t stop when you go to work

07Apr 17

As the WHO launches their campaign ‘Depression: Let’s Talk’ we are featuring one man’s account of dealing with depression whilst pursuing a career as a writer. He brings to light many important issues around mental health in the workplace and what employers can do to create a culture of acceptance and support by putting mental …