Alcohol shouldn’t be the only social ‘glue’ that brings employees together

22Feb 17

Workplace socials and team get-togethers throughout the year are often focussed around activities that involve alcohol consumption – the dinners, the bowling contests, the pub quizzes. Any evening out is well lubricated, relying on booze as the social glue that brings people together and keeps them there. And then there are all the events and …

‘Karoshi’ Death by Overworking

16Feb 17

The health of around a fifth of all employees in Japan is estimated to be at risk from going to work. Not accidents or mental health issues, but death. It’s known as ‘karoshi’, a sudden heart attack or stroke as a result of overworking and the pressure of workplace conditions. Despite growing awareness, the problems …

Theresa May’s mental health plan for the workplace

06Feb 17

In January, the prime minister made some big announcements about mental health. What does this mean for mental health in the workplace? How should employers respond? Kamwell unpicks the plans and the likely implications

On My Mind: Wearable technology – Here to stay?

30Jan 17

I glow at night. Sadly, I don’t mean that I radiate a sort of natural, healthy energy in my sleep, whilst wearing flawless make-up, like someone in a perfume ad. I mean that I have light that actually glows from me, because of my recent obsession with wearable tech.

How And Why To Quit Smoking

07Dec 16

According to the charity ASH, just under one in five British adults smoke. About half of all regular cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their addiction.