Working mothers and discrimination

06Oct 16

Why are women who take maternity leave facing even more discrimination at work? Why does having a baby mean you earn less?

Will the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics leave a legacy with your organisation, or is it, business as usual?

11Sep 16

If Olympic spirit could be bottled, employers would be first in line to invest in a crate or two.

Men’s health: Cracking this tough challenge

18Aug 16

The shocking facts are that suicide continues to be the leading cause of death for men under 35 and that 76% of people who take their own lives in the UK are male.

How to tell your staff you have a mental health problem

20Jul 16

Someone with a diagnosable mental health problem has a medical illness that should be regarded in just the same way as a physical illness.

The importance of feeling flush – The psychology of financial wellbeing

28Apr 16

One in five employees say that worrying about their finances affects their performance at work. This is according to a survey by Barclays of people working at 100 companies.