The importance of feeling flush – The psychology of financial wellbeing

28Apr 16

One in five employees say that worrying about their finances affects their performance at work. This is according to a survey by Barclays of people working at 100 companies.

Getting the board on board

09Apr 16

Health and wellbeing as currency in the corporate world is gaining in value. It’s a new source of competitive advantage for lean businesses running out of ways to squeeze out efficiency savings.

What is financial wellbeing — and why does it matter?

09Apr 16

The term ‘financial wellbeing’ can sound like another bit of jargon. “Surely it’s just a way of saying whether someone’s broke or not?” a character from Mad Men might ask.

On my mind: Digital eye strain

31Jan 16

I’ve always had bad eyesight. For much of my life, I could barely see anything two feet in front of me. I had bottle-top glasses as a kid, and contact lenses as an adult. My top tips to avoid the digital eye strain revolution!

Would you tell your boss you had a mental health problem? What if you are the boss?

30Jan 16

You can’t help your staff improve their mental health if they don’t feel able to talk about it. But how do you tackle the stigma?