A discovery phase will provide data, benchmarking and a fresh, objective view of your current wellbeing status. Invest time now to inform your future decisions, minimise risk and target your interventions where they will have most impact.



  • Company Health Profile and employee wellbeing assessments
  • Strategic review of existing wellbeing provision and benefits
  • Comprehensive data analysis with recommended next steps

Employee Wellbeing Strategy

  • Personalised wellbeing strategy and framework to meet goals
  • Detailed plan and business case to embed wellbeing at every level
  • Kamwell Wellbeing Manager to support your wellbeing journey

Raising Awareness

  • Tailored, educational, high-energy health & wellbeing fairs
  • Calendar of targeted interventions and seasonal campaigns
  • Pro-active health screening for all your employees

Employee Wellbeing Programmes

  • Seminars, webinars and workshops delivered by leading industry experts
  • Wellbeing programmes to meet short, medium and long-term goals
  • Demonstrations, exercise classes, treatments, therapies & coaching

Health Technology Enablers

  • Onsite interactive health kiosks for self-screening and awareness
  • Innovative, smart, wearable health-technology devices and apps
  • Fully customisable employee wellbeing portal and app

Measuring Results and Impact

  • Accurate and meaningful data to assess impact and measure progress
  • Identify data metrics, start tracking, measure periodically, highlight trends
  • Company health dashboard and management reporting capability

Ongoing support and signposting

  • Health and wellbeing promotion via e-newsletters, website, social media
  • In-house services, external experts, local support and employee network
  • Clear signposting and referral pathways for next-level support

Evolving Strategy

  • Regular review of wellbeing initiatives, priorities and strategy
  • An iterative process that will drive learnings and improvements
  • Multi-year journey to embed wellbeing into company culture