Employee Wellbeing Strategy

This is key to focusing your energy, time, resources, and investment in the right areas. We can help you join up the dots between what you are already doing, what you want to achieve, & best practices, to develop a coherent framework.



  • Company Health Profile and employee wellbeing assessments
  • Strategic review of existing wellbeing provision and benefits
  • Comprehensive data analysis with recommended next steps

Employee Wellbeing Strategy

  • Personalised wellbeing strategy and framework to meet goals
  • Detailed plan and business case to embed wellbeing at every level
  • Kamwell Wellbeing Manager to support your wellbeing journey

Raising Awareness

  • Tailored, educational, high-energy health & wellbeing fairs
  • Calendar of targeted interventions and seasonal campaigns
  • Pro-active health screening for all your employees

Employee Wellbeing Programmes

  • Seminars, webinars and workshops delivered by leading industry experts
  • Wellbeing programmes to meet short, medium and long-term goals
  • Demonstrations, exercise classes, treatments, therapies & coaching

Health Technology Enablers

  • Onsite interactive health kiosks for self-screening and awareness
  • Innovative, smart, wearable health-technology devices and apps
  • Fully customisable employee wellbeing portal and app

Measuring Results and Impact

  • Accurate and meaningful data to assess impact and measure progress
  • Identify data metrics, start tracking, measure periodically, highlight trends
  • Company health dashboard and management reporting capability

Ongoing support and signposting

  • Health and wellbeing promotion via e-newsletters, website, social media
  • In-house services, external experts, local support and employee network
  • Clear signposting and referral pathways for next-level support

Evolving Strategy

  • Regular review of wellbeing initiatives, priorities and strategy
  • An iterative process that will drive learnings and improvements
  • Multi-year journey to embed wellbeing into company culture