What We Do



A discovery phase will provide data, benchmarking and a fresh, objective view of your current wellbeing status. Invest time now to inform your future decisions, minimise risk and target your interventions where they will have most impact.


Employee Wellbeing Strategy

This is key to focusing your energy, time, resources, and investment in the right areas. We can help you join up the dots between what you are already doing, what you want to achieve, & best practices, to develop a coherent framework.


Raising Awareness

Raise awareness through our tailored high-energy health and wellbeing fairs; targeted health interventions; seasonal and national wellbeing campaigns; online & in person education, and pro-active health screenings and wellbeing solutions.


Employee Wellbeing Programmes

We can provide tailored wellbeing programmes, seminars, webinars and workshops that span all areas of our holistic wellbeing model. From creating a mental health strategy to financial education, musculoskeletal and nutrition initiatives.


Health Technology Enablers

We provide onsite self-service health kiosks, an employee wellbeing portal, online corporate fitness platforms, and a myriad of wearable technologies (e.g. Firstbeat, Fitbit, Withings, Garmin) – designed to support healthy behaviours.


Measuring Results and Impact

We can deliver a personalised Management Information dashboard that will help you measure and track the impact, progress and success of your wellbeing interventions – periodically tracking key data highlights and ROI metrics.