Wellbeing Consultancy

We provide award-winning consultancy that is carefully tailored to the needs of our customers. Our level of involvement can range from a one-off consultancy project with a specific focus e.g. to help develop a business case, to full end-to-end management of an entire wellbeing programme. 

Discovery – our consultancy often starts with a ‘deep dive’ discovery phase and wellbeing audit. We will analyse existing employee data from a number of sources including our own online wellbeing assessment to create a comprehensive company health profile and baseline of where your organisation and people are on their wellbeing journey. We will also conduct a strategic review of your existing wellbeing provision and benefits, identify the unique challenges your organisation might be facing, provide a competitive landscape so you can benchmark your maturity versus your peers, and provide a roadmap and recommendations to move your wellbeing agenda forwards. 

Strategy and Framework – we work with our clients to develop a tailored wellbeing strategy that is aligned to their business priorities. This includes creating a branded visual framework and assets, and a personalised wellbeing model that gives your programme an identity, sets out its focus and clearly establishes its purpose. From here, we would develop a roadmap of initiatives that are targeted and relevant to your people and take into account your different audiences.

Promotion and Communicationwe support our customers in delivering targeted communication campaigns to promote their wellbeing strategy and initiatives across their marketing platforms. Any wellbeing programme is only as good as it's communication and we have significant experience in supporting our customers in this area - from digital platforms, to social media channels, internal newsletters and intranet, promotional posters and wellbeing videos, to external promotion and PR including industry awards. 

The Kamwell Journey


Wherever you are on your wellbeing journey, Kamwell will create an integrated wellbeing roadmap, joining up the dots between past, current and future initiatives. We can do as much or as little as you need, delivering a one-off initiative or taking you through our strategic, comprehensive and results-driven journey, from careful analysis of your needs, to strategy development, programme delivery and measuring ROI.


Company health profile and employee wellbeing assessments. Strategic review of existing wellbeing provision. Comprehensive data analysis with recommended next steps.

Wellbeing Strategy

Personalised wellbeing strategy and framework aligned to business goals. Detailed plan and business case to embed wellbeing at every level. A Kamwell Manager to support your wellbeing journey.

Raising Awareness

Tailored educational campaigns, keynote talks, annual calendar of interventions and seasonal campaigns, pro-active health screenings.

Wellbeing Programmes

Seminars, webinars and workshops delivered by leading industry experts. Wellbeing programmes to meet short, medium and long-term goals. Demonstrations, exercise classes, treatments, therapies and coaching.

Ongoing Support and Signposting

Health and wellbeing promotion via newsletters, website, social media. In-house services, external experts, local support and employee network. Clear signposting and referral pathways for next-level support.

Measuring Results and Impact

Accurate and meaningful data to assess impact and measure progress. Identify data metrics, start tracking, measure periodically, highlight trends. Company health dashboard and management reporting capability.

Evolving Strategy

Regular review of wellbeing initiatives, priorities and strategy. An iterative process that will drive learnings and improvements. Multi-year journey to embed wellbeing into the company culture.