Wellbeing Programmes


We work with our clients to develop strategic wellbeing programmes that are aligned to their business goals, holistic in focus and global in reach. We believe that impact will be maximised and sustained when a tailored, targeted and employee-championed programme is created.

The Kamwell Partner Network (KPN) - to ensure innovation, bredth and the highest possible service for our customers, we created the Kamwell Partner Network (KPN) which comprises some of the most highly regarded wellbeing experts in the industry, enabling us to deliver sessions on topics ranging from neurodiversity to fertility, climate change, sustainability, suicide, pregnancy loss and sexual wellbeing – if it’s important to our clients, it’s important to us! The KPN allows us to integrate the right experts and solutions into any wellbeing programme, coordinated and orchestrated entirely by Kamwell. 

Measuring Results and Impact – throughout the development of a programme we will gather accurate and meaningful data to measure your programme's progress and assess impact. This involves identifying and tracking key metrics and performance indicators, which we measure periodically, highlighting any trends. We can also create a company dashboard and management reports to demonstrate ROI.

Evolving Strategy – we conduct regular reviews of wellbeing strategies and programmes to ensure they are evolving with the ever-changing landscape of an organisation. Embedding wellbeing into a company culture is a long-term endeavour that we see as a multi-year journey.