About Us

Our Story

Kamwell is the vision of our CEO and founder, Kirsten Samuel, who believes that for any organisation to truly succeed, its people must come first. In 2012, after a successful career in the corporate technology sector, Kirsten decided to focus her energy, experience, knowledge and entrepreneurial passion in setting up Kamwell, an award-winning employee wellbeing company dedicated to transforming the health and wellbeing of millions of people. 

Purpose and Values

We are driven by the belief that the workplace can be somewhere to thrive; a place where employees are given the tools to realise their full potential. Our purpose is to help our customers recognise the link between employee health and business success, and support them to invest in the wellbeing of their people. This has never been more important as workplace stress, mental health issues and burnout become increasingly synonymous with the 21st century ‘always on, always connected’ world. Our company values are deeply embedded in our DNA and guide the way we work with our customers, partners and suppliers, as well as our community and each other. Everything we do has integrity, partnership, passion, respect and our unfailingly high standards at its core. 

How we work

At Kamwell we work on the premise that no two organisations and no two people are the same. We pride ourselves on our highly personalised approach that takes into account a business's unique challenges, culture, people and aspirations. Wherever you are on your wellbeing journey, we have the expertise and experience to move you forwards at a pace that suits you. We’ve taken organisations with zero focus on employee wellbeing to a place where they win awards for their programmes! Whether you are looking for a strategic partner to deliver your programme from start to finish, or some ad hoc consultancy to develop a wellbeing strategy, or you simply want to book a keynote speaker for a company event, our commitment is to work with you to reach your desired outcomes.  


We are a professional, personable and passionate team with decades of experience from across a number of sectors. We are extremely proud of the work we do and the reputation for excellence that we have gained. Kamwell is a close-working, fun, trusting and supportive place to work where every employee is given the opportunity and encouragement to grow and develop in all areas of their lives. If you are passionate about health and wellbeing and want to work for a company where you have the opportunity to fulfil your true potential, we'd love to hear from you. Strong EQ, communication skills, resourcefulness, attention to detail, energy and a desire to be your best self is essential!

Why work with us

There are many things that make us stand out: our comprehensive and strategic approach to employee wellbeing; our passion for creating human-centred organisations; our focus on embedding wellbeing into company culture; our flexibility to create and tailor our offerings; our holistic wellbeing model; our extensive industry experts available through the Kamwell Partner Network; our focus on impact, progress and measuring ROI; and our corporate heritage, knowledge and experience as leaders in the corporate wellbeing space.