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In this article, Team Kamwell share the wellbeing products and resources that saw them through 2020 and into 2021. We hope these provide some inspiration for things you could add into your self-care routine or perhaps gift someone in your life. We LOVE hearing other people's recommendations so if you have something wellbeing-related that you can't live without, please do share: 

  • Insight Timer app – unique because it doesn’t only feature meditations, but also hundreds of courses on topics such as ‘overcoming obsessive thinking’ and ‘creating a conscious morning ritual.’ Zoe is currently loving ‘the soothing sleep series’.
  • Westlab Bath Salts Sleep – According to Kirsten, these sleep bathing salts help encourage a deep, restorative nights sleep. Made from 100% natural ingredients, they are the perfect way to end a busy day.
  • The 6-Minute Diary – Simon recently bought this journal for the whole team (thanks, Simon!) and we all now regularly use this diary to help us practice gratitude, boost focus and productivity and lay the foundation for happiness.
  • If you haven’t yet converted to wireless earphones – where have you been?! Essential for the virtual world we live in and a staple feature of Team Kamwell’s daily morning ‘walk and talk’ calls. Emma and Kirsten are AirPod fans whereas Simon and Char prefer the Jabra Elite Earbuds
  • Bloomon Flower Subscription – a fresh bouquet of flowers can be such a boost for home and mind. Bloomon is an online florist that offers weekly or monthly subscriptions. Charlotte loves this company because of their ethos and ambition to tackle sustainability.
  • YuYu Hot and Cold Water Bottle – This hot and cold water bottle is unique for its elongated, malleable design that allows for a larger area of the body to be warmed up (or cooled down). With its soft, huggable case, Kirsten has found that it helps her little boy stay asleep in his own bed (win!).
  • Neom Diffuser – Kirsten, Emma and Char all swear by this product which is a permanent feature on their desks, emitting relaxing, energising or balancing aroma blends crafted by Neom. Lucy also loves the range of candles that Neom offer.
  • This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – It’s in the name: this product really does work (tried and tested by Vicky). Spray it on your pillow before bed and it will help you to relax and find sleep in no time.
  • Shakti Mat – A bed of nails has long been a relaxation aid. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it really does help you relax mind and body (only Char and Kirsten have yet been brave enough to build this into their wellbeing routines!)
  • Gua Sha face massager – These little stone gadgets have become a bit of a beauty and wellbeing phenomenon. Made from natural stone, they help massage the face and neck and drain the lymphatic nodes, giving you a relaxing experience and leaving your face  feeling fresh and de-puffed. Char’s tip: heat your stone in some hot water or cool it in the fridge for extra effect.
  • Weighted blanket – Covering yourself with a weighted blanked literally feels like you are being hugged from all sides. Whether you live alone and benefit from the feeling of someone else’s presence, or you struggle getting to sleep, this blanket will help relax you right to your core. Both Emma and Kirsten have bought these for family members who are struggling with sleep and reports have been very positive.
  • Breathable reusable sports mask – for those of you who live in areas where it is mandatory to wear masks outside, this reusable mask by Underarmor is designed to provide maximum protection, while allowing for enough airflow for outdoor sport activities.

And, as we are all huge podcast fans, we thought we’d also throw in a few of our current favourites:

  • The Kindness Economy with Mary Portas
  • Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris
  • Grounded with Louis Theroux
  • Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead with Brené Brown
  • Under the Skin with Russell Brand
  • How to Fail with Elizabeth Day
  • The Papaya Podcast with Sarah Nicole Landry
  • The Guilty Feminist with Deborah Francis White

Published: 10th June 2021