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Kamwell’s festive gift guide

Buying gifts for loved ones can be a source of immeasurable joy. Whether we're weaving in and out of charming little toy shops, or darting to and from irresistible chocolatiers, seeing their faces light up when they open our present is a wonderful moment.  

However, current economic circumstances have triggered economic difficulties for millions, which can make gifting an emotional and difficult experience. To alleviate some of that pressure, we’ve compiled a list of affordable, joyful presents that you can be proud to gift to your friends and family. 

  • Be their sitter: It can be costly to hire house/pet/baby-sitters, so it’s a huge weight off their shoulders if you save them the time and cost of organising this when they’re away.
  • Give to charity: It’s been repeatedly shown that contributing to a cause bigger than ourselves improves our wellbeing, check out this list of meaningful donations which includes providing vaccines, ending domestic violence and protecting endangered species.
  • Hit the kitchen: If you’re a keen cook, you may already have some of the ingredients required to bake a scrumptious granola or even whip up a BBQ sauce. You could even frame an old family recipe!
  • Create a playlist:  As ‘music is the literature of the heart’, consider compiling their top songs whether it’s a nostalgic piece from their childhood, or score from their favourite film. Playlists can take a while to create, so the recipient will be deeply grateful you’ve taken the time to curate a personal soundtrack!
  • Get crafty: If you’re an arts and crafts fan, how about infusing wax with their favourite scent and colour to create a beautiful candle, or sprucing up their home with potpourri? A great activity with children is gifting a handmade tea towel using fabric paint and cookie cutters to neighbours, teachers and grandparents.
  • Gift of skill or time: Sharing your talents with others could be invaluable to someone. Perhaps you’re an interview coach and they’re looking for a job or you’re a part-time artist and they’ve always wanted to learn how to draw. You could even do a voucher for your time and help with a task they’ve been putting off, such as painting their house.
  • Update their Kindle or Audible: ‘Books are a uniquely portable magic,’ so if they’re a keen reader, this is a super option. We recommend How To Grow Through What You Go Through by Jodie Cariss and How To Build A Healthier Brain by Kimberley Wilson

For parents, there is immense pressure to provide the perfect Christmas for their children but the recession is stifling this opportunity. Here are our two recommendations:

  • Implement the ‘four gift rule’, which involves buying something they want, something they need, something they wear and something they read. It reduces overwhelm for the child and gives them the opportunity to learn about gratitude.
  • Write a letter to Santa with your child and encourage them to focus on their wishes and hopes rather than solely presents.

If you do have a little budget and are looking to gift a present to someone who is struggling, here are our favourite ideas to support their wellbeing:

  • A novel experience: Flow state is the feeling of pleasure and creativity when we are completely immersed in an activity. ClassBento offers a huge range of workshops such as vegan baking, crafting ceramics, creating terrariums, painting with watercolour, making jewellery …the list goes on! You can select ‘Custom Gift Card’ and contribute the desired amount. 
  • Unplug body and mind: Plunge pools, ice fountains, steam rooms, saunas and rainfall showers offer a complete reset from the 24/7 connectivity of modern life. Starting at £25, Spa Seekers allows you to gift someone total relaxation.  
  • Night time restoration: This Works Sleep Pillow Spray is a soothing spritz to help those who have difficulty sleeping. In fact, thanks to this award-winning blend of lavender, chamomile and vetivert oil, 89% of users reportedly fell asleep fast than normal.
  • Boost gut health: If their hectic lifestyle prevents them from enjoying nutritious food, consider a week or month’s subscription to a recipe box. Such as Hello FreshGousto and Mindful Chef. The pesto tofu, artichoke and lentil salad and plum and ginger crumble certainly take our fancy!
  • Comfort 101: Adult blanket hoodies like icosy or slöuchy are literally cosiness wrapped in a bow. Curling up on the sofa in winter months seems much more appealing with one of these in tow!

Most importantly, gift yourself kindness. Christmas is about giving light, and this year, we must not leave ourselves in the dark.