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You Are How You Sleep

We spend approximately 1/3 of our lives asleep. Yet, to many of us, sleep is just something that happens at the end of the day, with little thought given to its importance. As a result, we are sleeping worse than ever before with far-reaching consequences for health and wellbeing. Sleep is a time of rich neurological activity – a time for repair, restoration and renewal, memory consolidation, cognitive maintenance and growth; we need it to feel balanced, energised, focussed and happy. 

We reviewed the latest research and expert advice to bring you five top tips for getting some good quality shut-eye: 

  • Lay the foundation for good sleep throughout the day - eat breakfast, take regular breaks, stay hydrated, exercise.
  • Avoid stimulants - caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are notorious sleep inhibitors.
  • Make sleep a priority - take action by giving yourself a regular sleep and wake time, helping your body become accustomed to a healthy bedtime routine.  
  • Create a wind-down routine - this could include a bath, listening to music, gentle stretching, reading or meditation.
  • Turn your bedroom into a quiet and peaceful sanctuary - ensure it is free of clutter and tech devices, keep lighting low and the temperature.