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Fitness In Your Front Room

Trying to balance work, family, fitness, healthy eating and the many other demands on our time can feel impossible. And despite most of us being more than aware of its indisputable benefits, it seems fitness is often first in this list to be dropped. Perhaps not surprising when a trip to the gym or a class can take hours out of your day and a sizeable chunk out of your monthly budget.

Over the past few years, a solution to this predicament has started to emerge and is now growing at staggering speed: fitness from your front room! YouTube is awash with channels that provide accessible and achievable exercise routines for free; type ‘exercise’ into the App Store and you’ll be overwhelmed with options.

Here is a list of our current favourite resources for time-efficient exercise without the expensive price-tag:

  • A combination of charming delivery and accessible content has given Yoga With Adreine over 2 million followers on YouTube.
  • Kayla Itsines is having a moment in the fitness world. Her empire now spans a book, a best-selling app and a YouTube channel.
  • Personal trainer and trailblazer of the #strongnotskinny movement, Zanna Van Dijk is fast establishing herself as one to watch.
  • If things had started feeling a little female-heavy then The Lean Machines should redress that balance with their fun and upbeat approach to fitness.
  • The Body Coach’s Shift, Shape and Sustain Plan claims to transform your body and the way you see nutrition forever.
  • Lastly, we can’t leave prolific fitness DVD creator Davina McCall out – she is still a reliable source of lighthearted and accessible exercise programmes.