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Simple strategies for staying well during the festive season

Imagine the scenario: It’s the end of December. You are feeling a few pounds heavier than you were at the start of the month; you may be battling a hangover; your energy and motivation levels are lower than usual and you’re generally feeling a little lacklustre. Does this sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. December sees most of us neglecting our wellbeing, often eating and drinking too much whilst sleeping and moving too little.

Whilst we are absolute advocates of enjoying all the fun that the festive season has to offer, we also know it’s possible to do this whilst nurturing our physical and mental health. So, here are out top strategies for festive season wellbeing:

  1. Sleep – don’t overlook the benefits of a powernap. If at all possible, try to squeeze in a 20-minute nap if you know you’re going to have a late night.
  2. Financial – if you’re worried about having over-spent this year, creating a strategy for Christmas 2019 may make you feel better! This article gives some useful and implementable tips around planning for the most expensive month of the year.
  3. Nutrition – make sure you eat a nutritious meal before you leave for a party – this will ward against over-eating and you’ll be less likely to gravitate towards high fat/sugar food.
  4. Organisation – be ruthless with your schedule and be on the lookout for feelings of overwhelm. If you start feeling your stress levels rise, it’s time to start saying no.  
  5. Hydration  - alternate each alcoholic drink you have with a glass of water. This is an easy tactic for staying hydrated and slows the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream.
  6. Mind – as things get busier and you spend less time at home, prioritising quiet time is imperative. Even if mindfulness is new to you, you may find it helps you stay calm and balanced when Christmas shopping, travelling or spending time with family.