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Staying healthy whilst travelling

In an ideal world, travelling would be a fun and relaxing experience, whether for work or pleasure. But the reality can often be more challenging, tiring and expensive, with negative repercussions on our health.

We explore travel, with a focus on how to ensure it is a positive experience for your body and mind.

For a general guide to help you prepare for travel and to stay safe, the GOV.UK Foreign Travel Checklist gives invaluable advice, addressing: insurance, passports, visas, vaccinations and much more.


Whilst travelling: it’s important to keep moving whilst you’re travelling, especially for long haul flights or longer car journeys.

At your destination: When you’re away from home it can be easy for your fitness routine to fall by the wayside. But if you’re travelling (especially for work) it’s especially important to keep active.

Ensuring you eat well whilst on the move can be a challenge. Here are some tips for ensuring you stay on nutritional track:


Mind: look after your mind whilst traveling – this is key to having a relaxed experience.

  • Music has an incredible power to affect our mood. Make sure you’ve got a relaxing playlist to hand to keep you feeling balanced. Classical FM have compiled this list.
  • Ensure you have a meditation or mindfulness app to guide you through daily practice whilst you’re away from home. Check out The Independent’s top selection here

Stress: Travel can be a stressful experience. Have you packed all that you need? Will there be traffic to contend with? Will the flight be delayed? There are many uncertainties that can cause worry. But, with a bit of pre-planning you can have a smooth and relaxing journey.

Sleep: travel across time-zones can play havoc with your sleep patterns. But there are a number of tactics you can employ to minimise the effects of jetlag.

Fear of flying: fear of flying is a huge source of stress for many people. We’ve compiled some useful articles about combatting this very common fear: