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We launch The Kamwell Internship Programme

We are excited to launch The Kamwell Internship Programme and introduce you to our first intern, Eleanor Burns.

We created the programme because we are passionate about extending opportunities to some of the smart and ambitious young people trying to break into the corporate wellbeing industry.

Our interns will get hands on, quality experience working in all parts of the business with a set of clear learning objectives to ensure they gain as much meaningful and relevant knowledge and experience as possible.

And now, a little more about our first intern...

Eleanor graduated in 2018 with a 1st class BSc in Psychology and is now studying Organisational Psychology (MSc) at City University, London. She joins Kamwell during 2019 to supplement her studies with practical experience in an area that she’s really passionate about. We are delighted to welcome her to the team!

When not pursuing her academic and career goals, Eleanor can be found swimming, volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Society as a side-by-side companion, spending time with family or walking her mischievous cockapoo, Molly. After her MSc she plans to travel to Bali to work in one of Indonesia’s only psychiatric hospitals as well as doing community work to promote mental wellbeing.