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Too Busy To Eat Healthily?

Do you ever find yourself in Pret A Manger at 9am ordering an almond croissant for the third time that week even though you vowed you’d eat healthily? Or perhaps the afternoon energy slump leaves you unable to resist the canteen’s salted caramel brownies. It happens to the best of us! If you are finding it hard to fit healthy eating into your busy life, chances are this is down to lack of planning and preparation. We’ve compiled some tips to help you eat healthily, even when you’re on-the-go.

  • Start meal planning your breakfasts and lunches and coordinate this with your regular food shop. Build up a repertoire of dishes that you find easy to create and know you'll enjoy eating.
  • Prepare breakfast and lunch the night before (and make them easily transportable!).
    • Overnight oats in a plastic box or mason jar are ideal. 
    • Salads are perfect for packing a nutritional punch – use a recipe diagram such as this to quickly throw one together. Keep dressings at work or transport in a separate pot.
    • Pour-over soup jars are great for pre-preparing.  
    • Double up your evening meal and pop one portion in a lunchbox for the following day.
  • If you work in an office, dedicate one desk drawer to a few essentials: some healthy porridge pots (in case you miss breakfast) and snack bars, energy balls and nuts to keep you going in between meals. If you work remotely, have a snack drawer/box at home that has grab-and-go healthy treats. Re-stock as soon as supplies start to run low.
  • Invest in some clever kit that will ward against soggy salads and squashed sandwiches.